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This is a webpage about networking, linux and CCIE. Special:Wikilog

messed file associations ubuntu mate (audacious opens caja)

Sometimes after a fresh install can happen that the ubuntu/mate is confused and it does not know which program should be started by which command. Usually when I run audacious it will open Caja or nautilus. Normally the last installed program is opening the graphical file manager. How to fix when audacious and easy tag opens nautilus-caja?

this is the issue of the preferred application settings 
here you can set which is the default program for audio,video,pictures and also file manager


router multi ping TCL

How to ping multiple devices at the same time? With one command? The answer is again TCL scripting.

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clean: linux BOOT partition from unused kernels

I am facing the issue having full /BOOT partition. What to do? Easiest way is to remove unused linux kernels.


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How to rename multiple files in Linux

I had a 10 files router names. And I wanted to rename them all to routername-01.pre and post konfiguration

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equivalent command for "ip tacacs source-interface" on ASA

When we make different tacacs groups for each device type eg: routers, switch, firewals it is important that we use command

 "ip tacacs source-interface LoopbackX/Y"  

That tacacs requests are originated from the management address. Because Cisco ACS server makes some checks based on the originating subnet we have to assure that the message comes with the right source Ip address.

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write and edit text files on the cisco router flash

Have you ever wondered how to create a text file inside Cisco router or switch using linux commands "vim" or "touch"? I am afraid that is not possible. But there is another way...Why would we would like to use it? For example to put some new config files to the flash without using TFTP server. Only via telnet/ssh. Or just to modify config files on the flash and then force router to use new config on the boot process. I am afraid that with "vi"thet is not possible. But there is another way...

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syslog: automatic date script

Receiving live Syslog messages from another location. Normaly I would display live local syslog messages with this command:

tail -f /var/log/syslog

Suppose that there is a syslog server somewhere in the network at the ip addres I have sucesfully mounted this Windows syslog server under my link


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